Contract Position: Full Stack Rails/React Developer

About the Position

Ideal candidate is looking for an ongoing remote (in US Time Zones) freelance project with mutually guaranteed 10-20 weekly hours (to be agreed), with the possibility of increasing involvement or remote full-time employment with benefits and possible vested equity as the relationship and the business grows this year.

Technical Requirements

  • Demonstrable full stack experience in all levels of web app development (from concept to code to maintenance)
  • Familiarity and experience with our tech stack:
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Heroku
  • Sagas
  • React Redux
  • Redis
  • API
  • Gmail API
  • Git/GitHub
  • HTML5, CSS/Sass, JS * Experience writing pragmatic (not overly religious) tests and specs first

Other Relevant Information

  • We use Slack and Trello for team communication and card management
  • Access to the original MVP developer for questions, insights, and PR code reviews
  • Must have limited availability during business hours in case needed to address any emergency impacting users or the availability of service (rare); otherwise, considerable freedom to work on your schedule.

About Us

Closing Commander is a highly focused MVP SaaS product that automates a specific business function around the task of sales follow-up. It’s lightweight on the front end, using React, Materialize, and sass frameworks. The application is RoR with Gmail and Nylas API integrations on the back end for managing the primary feature set (sending, tracking and logging automated transactional email activity history with a user’s customers). Our roadmap includes some improvements to existing third-party integrations and plenty of new back-to-front-end features to keep things interesting and challenging.

Our founders also run a digital marketing agency, and Closing Commander was a SaaS product born out of the real needs of our market, which consists of contractors and home service businesses. We love this market. They are underserved and constitute the backbone of a strong economy. To us, serving these small businesses is more than an opportunity, it’s a mission.

As a startup, we are early-stage, scrappy, bootstrapped, and lean. But we have customers that pay, amazing success stories, a marketing strategy that is gaining momentum, as well as a responsible and stealthy approach to a bigger opportunity. We don’t have a technical co-founder, which is both a challenge and an opportunity.

About You

If you’re the right candidate for this position, then you’re committed to code-as-craft and getting to tap into your deep network of knowledge resources when it comes to making systems talk and work together to solve real-world business problems.

You’re someone who impulsively thinks first about the business reasons why something should or shouldn’t be done, and you have expectations of contributing those insights as part of a successful team.

You’re a maker at heart, you build all the time, always learning and exploring as you go. You’re a doer. You prefer to spec and iterate a scrappy-but-useful idea that solves an apparent problem reliably and quickly, rather than waiting until you have all the databefore beginning. Your idea of a good time is coding up an idea from scratch, and using the exercise as both the exploration of a solid solution to a real-world problem, as well as an opportunity to explore new approaches to your craft, knowing you’ll soon have the opportunity to use the knowledge you gained. You have a strong pull to innovate new ideas and roadmap exciting new feature developments.

You trust the process of Behavioral Driven Development, and rely on the coverage of basic specs for guiding well-written code. Given the choice, you want to architect greatness, not perfection.

To you, a good day or week is jumping from javascript to database to application to API to product meeting and back again, because you can competently contribute to all of these, and it’s just no fun unless you have your hands in every aspect of a project.

You own who you are and what you do, and you do hard things. Your favorite phrases are “Now that’s an interesting problem I want to understand better” and “Just do it!”

You don’t mind working with non-technical founders, as long as they’re smart, act interested, try to keep up, and give you space to fully use what you know. You understand that greatness sometimes has to be explained to be appreciated, so you have good technical translation skills, write semantically, test pragmatically, and document adequately for the team members who may eventually come behind you.

You work well on your own, and manage yourself and your projects as a matter of pride. If the above describes you, then you’re smiling right now, and you can’t wait to meet and talk with the founder who wrote this job description.

CONTACT: Carter Harkins | | 629-202-6521



604 Gallatin Ave. Suite 111
Nashville, TN 37206
(833) 257-2637

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