Case Studies

Following up to get the best customers...

Learn how one contractor added a quarter of a million dollars to his bottom line using Closing Commander™ in less than seven months. At the same time, they were able to use the tool to follow up on the better jobs they’d quoted, which means making more and working less. Win!

“Closing Commander has been an excellent tool for our company. It’s a big time-saver, and customers appreciate the communication. We are winning a lot of jobs after three or four emails have been sent, and the stats in the app definitely prove its value every month!”

Getting rid of the stack of estimates...

This service business had a stack of open estimates when we first met. Now, there’s no more stack, and so much new business they are just trying to keep up! Learn how not having a solid follow-up system was causing the owner stress and costing him money. But not any more!

“Our office manager was so far behind that there was a 3 foot tall pile of estimates waiting for follow up’s… some of them were 2 years old! Since we started using Closing Commander, there are no more piles of estimates on my desk, and we have booked so much more work that I am having trouble finding time to schedule jobs – all in the middle of our slow season! Closing Commander has paid for itself multiple times over, every month that I have had it. I could not be happier with this product. Thank you.”


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