We’ve been a part of countless webinars, office hours, and emergency calls with contractors and home service businesses over the past few weeks, and we’ve seen the immense impact COVID-19 is having. 

Most of us were not prepared for a crisis like this, and making tough decisions and keeping up with the changes daily — even hourly —  is exhausting. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and like everything is out of our control. 

But it’s not.

Although we can’t change the circumstances, there’s always something we can do. Here are some resources to help you navigate these tough times and lead your business through to the other side. Together, we’ll weather this challenging moment in time. 

  • Sales & Marketing During COVID-19  A chimney industry discussion on sales and marketing strategies that you can use during times of crisis. 
  • 10 Principles for Contractors During Extraordinary Times + Free eBook – Taylor and Carter share helpful info from their book, Blue Collar Proud: 10 Principles for Building a Kickass Business You Love, to help you lead and build a better business, even in extraordinary times. Plus, they share a link to get the book for free!
  • In-Home Sanitary Technique Procedure – Keeping your employees and customers safe has never been as important as it is right now. Clinical microbiologist L. Joseph Ochal III of The Chimney Scientist put together this awesome in-home guide to help service businesses reduce COVID-19 risk while serving customers.
  • Restart Ready Marketing Guide – Spark Marketer and HeatShield worked together on this guide that covers everything from how to communicate with customers and employees during times of crisis to what you need to be doing and planning in order to come out on top. You’ll even find templated social posts and phone scripts you can use right now.

We’re committed to standing with and supporting contractors and service businesses — now, more than ever. You are the backbone of our society and we need you to come out of this stronger and better. 

Check back periodically for more helpful tips and info. Stay safe – we’re rooting for you always!