September Update

We’ve been hard at work, bringing new improvements to our service, and there’s even more to come!

But today, I wanted to make sure you know about one improvement for our iOS mobile app users. With the newest release out this week, non-Gmail/G Suite users can log in and use the app as well.


This update has been a long time coming (overdue, quite frankly), but changes to Apple’s policies with the release of iOS 13 have made the previous obstacle to this update much easier to clear. So if this would be useful to you, go download the app from the Apple app store!


This Fall, we are working on a general feature release that will include the ability for owners and managers in organizations with multiple salespeople to be able to see statistics for those salespeople with the release of your own team dashboard! It’s too early to show a sneak peek or announce the date, but we wanted to let you know we’ve heard you, and it’s coming.

More soon…