Our Story

We know what you’re thinking: apps are made by software guys and serial startup guys who are looking to make some money off of people in industries they don’t really understand.

We’re different.

We didn’t set out to make the next biggest app. We set out to help service businesses thrive, not just survive.

It’s why we started our other company, Spark Marketer. We saw a need for websites and SEO services that were tailored to local service businesses and their unique needs and challenges. Local service businesses weren’t a priority for digital marketing companies, so business owners were forking over money for ineffective marketing and outdated websites that would never bring any true ROI.

It’s why we started the Blue Collar Proud (BCP) Show and movement. We recognized that leadership lessons and other important business knowledge wasn’t aimed at or tailored to contractors, even though that knowledge was key to their success. We saw that a shift needed to happen in the way we (as a culture) think about hands-on work, and we decided to step up and be the change we wanted to see in the world.

And it’s why we created Closing Commander™. We saw a need that our clients had, that once again, no one who actually knew service businesses and SMBs was in a hurry to meet. Some of our clients were leaving six figures on the table because they didn’t have the system in place or the time to follow-up on open estimates. We knew that this was a costly problem to have and that businesses were suffering because of it. Closing Commander™ wasn’t born out of board meetings or entrepreneurial think tank retreats. It’s a product that arose out of a real world need — like everything else we offer.

Our approach has always been hands-on, and the needs of our real world clients have dictated our every move as business owners. At our core, we’re not software guys or startup guys — we’re problem solvers who have a passion for serving those who serve the world. We branch out and take steps to meet the needs of an underserved clientele, and because we know these businesses so intimately through our relationships at Spark Marketer and BCP, we’re able to offer better solutions to their problems.

Yes, we’re different. But we’re also lucky.

We’ve worked with hundreds of local service businesses and spoken with countless business owners across the world through Spark Marketer and Blue Collar Proud. The relationships we’ve built over the years and the conversations we’ve had have given us a unique and in-depth understanding of the people we serve. We’ve put that knowledge to work during the development of this award-winning app — but we couldn’t have done it alone!

We have so many awesome clients who were willing to help us get Closing Commander™ right, and we had the advantage of testing the app with real service businesses in multiple contractor industries before launch. We wanted to make sure the product we made was truly beneficial and really brought big returns for business owners, and we dug in to understand— not just the problem — but the entire sales process and systems that service businesses typically have in place. We wanted to make sure Closing Commander™ seamlessly fit with those systems and added value — not more complication, frustration, and work.

The time and testing was well worth it, and we’re so excited to watch as Closing Commander™ continues to make life better for local service businesses around the world. We hope you’ll give us a chance to not just tell you but show you how we’re different!

Here’s to your success!


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